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School restoration in Togo (Mali): "A project tailored to the needs which will leave happy memories for years in Canton d'Agoenyvé."


The Primary School is one of the largest schools and oldest educational infrastructures of the Canton d'Agoenyvé region. It is located 10 kilometers north of the capital Lomé and has 5 school buildings with a total of 24 classrooms, 2 staff rooms and 4 school toilets and is visited by about 1120 students. Since its establishment in 1945 no maintenance from the government was carried out to date, so that it was in a terrible condition. This affected greatly the teaching, for example this often was only partly possible in the rainy season because the roofs had holes, walls had cracks and some doors and windows were damaged.
Although teachers and parents tried repeatedly for the sake of their children's education to eliminate the greatest damage  the capital needed for a renovation of the school building exceeded their financial capacity.

For this reason, PLEA e.V. together with the local promoter "Association pour la Promotion de l'Education au Togo" (APET), implemented a project of renovation of the school building. Funding was largely provided by the Lower Saxony Bingo Environment Foundation (NBU) with a grant of 55,100 euros. All the work was carried out by the building company "Agence EPAUC Nouvelle" (EPAUC). The schedule of the renovation work has been complied with, after one year the school has been completely renovated at the end of 2014.

The judgement of an external assessor on the renovated school building is good. In addition PLEA e.V. will for many years control the maintenance of the rehabilitated school building through annual visits.
The restoration gives teachers, parents and local authorities additional motivation to continue to work for the education of children at school.

The students, teachers, parents and residents are very happy about the work which has not only increased the attractiveness of the school, but has improved in particular the quality of education. In return, the parents (COGEP), the teachers and the head of the Canton d'Agoenyvé on behalf of the entire population thank the Lower Saxony Bingo Environment Foundation very much. Especially great is the joy of the students who know the previous state of the school building. With them and their successors this restoration will leave happy memories for years.

We are very grateful for the NBU. We will always mention them as a supporter of this project and as a promoter of PLEA e.V. social engagements and are looking forward to further support of the NBU.

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Bingo Environment Foundation funding solar power for schools in Mali - "Mali, where acute energy poverty reigns - despite huge potential of solar radiation"


GÖTTINGEN / HANNOVER. With financial support of the Lower Saxony Bingo Environment Foundation the Göttingen Association Partnership for Rural Development in Africa (PLEA e.V.) has equipped the grammar school de l'Annonciation of the Diocese of San in the city of San in Mali with a photovoltaic system. The Foundation contributes with 23,600 Euro 85% of the cost of the plant, which will generate electricity for lighting, computers and copiers. The school in San required solar power in order to become independent of the uncertain supply situation of the city. Only one-third of the city is connected to the mains and has a very unstable power supply. Power outages are in San, as in almost all other cities in Mali, a daily occurence.

"If the solar energy ensures light in the high school in the morning and in the evenings, the percentage of successful graduations can be increased," says Dr. Denis Coulibaly of PLEA e.V. "In addition to improving the learning situation, the solar project is also reducing the operating costs of the High School and serves the protection of natural resources", Mr. Karsten Behr, CEO of Bingo environment Foundation, constitutes the promotion of the project. "This exemplary project ideally tailored to needs of the high school we want to perform similar in many other training centers in Mali," says Dr. Denis Coulibaly.

In the school run by the Diocese of San 300 students are taught. Although it is run by a Christian religious community (Famille des Soeurs de l'Annonciation) of the diocese, it offers interdenominational teaching in Islamic Mali.

Mali is one of the least developed countries of the world, "so the project funding in this country is particularly close to our heart", says foundation CEO Karsten Behr. The project area is located outside the zone of influence of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb and other terrorist groups which are still active in northern Mali.

The Lower Saxony Bingo Environment Foundation supports environmental and nature conservation projects and projects in favor of development cooperation and the preservation of monuments. The foundation is financed from the gambling tax and mainly from revenues of bingo environment lottery. For more information, see www.bingo-umweltstiftung.de

Solux LED solar lights project


We - PLEA e.V. - advocate actively the Solux LED solar lights project for the elimination of energy poverty, global warming and CO2-related illnesses in Mali / Africa.

To perform this social and environmental project, our association receives already support by the Lower Saxony Bingo Environment Foundation, the Corona Solar Society for Ecological Investment GmbH, the diocese of Hildesheim, the Catholic campus ministry Göttingen and Solux e.V. For this we thank very much.

Perhaps you too as an environmentally conscious person, entrepreneur or institution are prepared to support us. Every donation helps. With donations of a full or partly purchase price of a Solux LED 50, 100 or 105 the lighting problems or the costs incurred by a family in Mali by the charging of mobile phones can be lowered for at least 10 years and at the same time their quality of life will improve and the risk of CO2-related diseases will reduce. At the same time you make a valuable contribution to the reduction of the general warming by CO2 discharges.

More information can be found here:

Reforestation with the "Groasis Waterboxx Technology "


Mali, one of the poorest countries in the world, lies in the Sahel. There, the humans and their habitat are affected from the harsh climate: about 1/3 of the country is desert and more than 2/3 is threatened by desertification. To survive, people engage with the surrounding natural resources, for example, by the felling of trees to obtain fuel, building materials or fences thereof. The impact of this situation on the environment and, consequently, on the quality of life is so noticeable that all national and international NGOs, government organizations and the entire population are forced to take action to restore the natural balance. The reforestation and the planting of green areas in private and public places and horticulture are important restoration work.

As for the climate, Mali has a very short rainy season, which lasts about 3 months. This has the consequence that the availability and amount of water in the soil is dependent on the season which is a serious problem for the tree planting and reason for the failures of many reforestation measures. Because of the lack of water the planted trees die.

The Groasis Waterboxx Technology (www.groasis.com) is an effective solution for the water supply for plants in arid regions. The "GTW" is a natural method for supply of planted trees, which promotes the growth of the root system. With a well-developed root system in its earliest stage of development the tree can later withstand possible water shortages.

The "Waterboxx" is a very useful innovation for reforestation of Mali and is extremely promising, as illustrate some short films:



In this context PLEA e.V., School forests for West Africa e.V. (www.schulwaelder.org) and the Foundation Urbis (www.urbis-foundation.de) have introduced this innovation in Togo, Ghana and Mali 2011-2012.

The pilot phase of the joint initiative in these countries consisted of workshops, in which about 50 sample copies for local participants were provided. In addition, the willingness of some companies to produce Waterboxxes on site was determined, as well as the use of Waterboxxes was introduced in a national reforestation program (see flyer below).

The workshop which has been funded by the Lower Saxony Bingo Environment Foundation (www.bingo-umweltstiftung.de) was offered at the districts of Tominian and San to all active and local development institutions, to representatives of the tree planting cooperatives and to gardeners. Afterwards practical demonstration exercises were conducted in the 12 municipalities and two Waterboxx sample copies were handed to each participant.

The interest for the Waterboxx is widening. Many requests from tree planting cooperatives reach us until now. Though the production of the Waterboxx in Mali must first be secured. Therefore we have addressed ourselves to the plastic processing company Fofy (www.fofy-industries.com) for cooperation. This is able to produce the Waterboxx in Mali after consultation with the inventor. Negotiations in this regard are in full swing.

We want to make our contribution to combating desertification and global warming through this effective tree planting technique. We plan to have the Waterboxx produced by the company Fofy in Mali, in favor of the NGOs, the tree planting cooperatives, of horticulturists and individuals.

We need not only financial resources, but also active voluntary nature lovers, eco-conscious citizens and entrepreneurs partnerships.

If you feel addressed by the project, to save nature, then do not hesitate and please contact us.

Any support is valuable!


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F. Keita in Bamako / Mali: purchase of cereals on the market

Your donation will arrive in full - without deduction of administrative costs:

A woman from Göttingen donated 50 euros for her good friend, the German teacher Fodé Keita in Bamako / Mali. Through our experience with money transfers to Mali / Africa the happy family father received the donated money within a week and immediately bought a bag of rice in the market. Thus, the grain needs of its ten-member extended family has been saved for a month.