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The association - PLEA e.V.

Our association PLEA is politically independent and non-denominational. Our members work as volunteers with their experience and skills for tasks in Africa and Germany.

Our nonprofit organization PLEA was created by the involvement of people from Mali and Germany. In 1991, the local population in a remote village in southeastern Mali (Somadougou, Commune de Lanfiara, district of Tominian, Ségou region) founded a village school, which is now regarded as an example in the community. The school is recognized by the state and is under self-government by the villagers. Today more than 200 pupils from the village Somadougou and surrounding communities attend that school.

Emanating from this positive experience other activities have been initiated in the region. In the course of this development, activists decided in Göttingen to found an association for the support of initiatives that have been launched by people in Mali and other African countries. At the end of 2006, the non-profit association PLEA e.V. was founded.

Since 2010, the association is registered in the Register of Associations of Mali and also has project partners in Togo, Burkina Faso and the DRC / RDC.

Our approach is to find together and on an equal footing with our partners in Africa solution strategies for existing development problems. In cooperation with motivated development carriers in Africa we want to promote incomplete and neglected development dynamics.

Our purposes


In Africa

In Africa, we support all projects that have been launched by our partners themselves. These projects lie solely in the responsibility of the local people. To ensure that our partners in Africa can continue their work, we support them with financial resources and with technical and professional services. Project visits are regularly carried out on site.

In Germany

In Germany, we inform people about the work of our project partners and their problems, needs and successes. Our rich treasure trove of experience we offer other nonprofit organizations, religious institutions, schools and companies in the form of the following services:
For example, the writing of project proposals, project evaluations, arranging school partnerships and patronage; and translations. In addition, we organize lectures and cultural events and theater performances.

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