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School restoration in Togo (Mali): "A project tailored to the needs which will leave happy memories for years in Canton d'Agoenyvé."


The Primary School is one of the largest schools and oldest educational infrastructures of the Canton d'Agoenyvé region. It is located 10 kilometers north of the capital Lomé and has 5 school buildings with a total of 24 classrooms, 2 staff rooms and 4 school toilets and is visited by about 1120 students. Since its establishment in 1945 no maintenance from the government was carried out to date, so that it was in a terrible condition. This affected greatly the teaching, for example this often was only partly possible in the rainy season because the roofs had holes, walls had cracks and some doors and windows were damaged.
Although teachers and parents tried repeatedly for the sake of their children's education to eliminate the greatest damage  the capital needed for a renovation of the school building exceeded their financial capacity.

For this reason, PLEA e.V. together with the local promoter "Association pour la Promotion de l'Education au Togo" (APET), implemented a project of renovation of the school building. Funding was largely provided by the Lower Saxony Bingo Environment Foundation (NBU) with a grant of 55,100 euros. All the work was carried out by the building company "Agence EPAUC Nouvelle" (EPAUC). The schedule of the renovation work has been complied with, after one year the school has been completely renovated at the end of 2014.

The judgement of an external assessor on the renovated school building is good. In addition PLEA e.V. will for many years control the maintenance of the rehabilitated school building through annual visits.
The restoration gives teachers, parents and local authorities additional motivation to continue to work for the education of children at school.

The students, teachers, parents and residents are very happy about the work which has not only increased the attractiveness of the school, but has improved in particular the quality of education. In return, the parents (COGEP), the teachers and the head of the Canton d'Agoenyvé on behalf of the entire population thank the Lower Saxony Bingo Environment Foundation very much. Especially great is the joy of the students who know the previous state of the school building. With them and their successors this restoration will leave happy memories for years.

We are very grateful for the NBU. We will always mention them as a supporter of this project and as a promoter of PLEA e.V. social engagements and are looking forward to further support of the NBU.