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At this point, we inform you about current events and issues that deserve, in our opinion, special attention.

Development impulses by Diaspora in Africa

Unions of migrants of the same origin, so-called diaspora communities, often are initiating out of the host countries nonprofit activities.
The advantages are obvious: The migrants living in Germany know the social and political structures of their home countries and they have contacts with decision makers from municipalities, institutions and organizations in their countries of origin. Language, traditions and culture do not constitute a barrier for them, they know the terrain on which they move - both in their new homeland Germany as well as in their old country of origin.

We are looking for you as a development partner in your country, in your region of origin and city.


  • Projects in all sectors
  • Developing and maintenance of partnerships


Besides your work, study, promotion and / or your stay in Germany together with P.L.E.A. you are devoted to furthering development projects in your country of origin and to apply your knowledge of local situations. 

African and German parish partnerships sought-after

P.L.E.A. e.V. is a nonprofit, non-denominational, and to no political party belonging club from Göttingen, which was founded in 2006 by African diaspora academics and former development workers.
Our approach is to work out together and on an equal footing with our partners in Africa solution strategies for existing development problems. In cooperation with motivated development carriers in Africa we want to promote incomplete and neglected development dynamics. Therefore, our development funding covers all areas of life for which our support is requested and / or needed.

Since 2010, the association has a regional office in Mali, where it has been active since 1993. Currently, there are expansion prospects in Togo, Burkina-Faso, Benin, the Democratic Republic of Congo / DRC, Kenya and Ghana.

The projects resulting therefrom will be implemented in a concrete partnership between Germans and Africans. Due to our strong local presence, we are able to ensure the implementation and documentation of those projects in partnership.

Due to the wide range of development activities and tasks in Africa and Germany, we are therefore always looking for new German and African development actors who want to work with us and would like to support the implementation of our development objectives.

In particular we offer the development and advancement of church partnerships between African and German parishes. We would like to ask if your parish is interested in our proposal.

We will build the partnership through a travel encounter to Africa and look after and accompany it in their early stages. Then we let it evolve independently. A network of the newly formed church partnerships will be built to enable efficiency and exchange of experience.

The pilot phase of this project will start this year with a trip to Mali. End of November the pilgrimage of Malian Catholics in Kita is held every year. We want to take this opportunity to establish potential partnerships.

If your community wants to participate in the trip, please contact us.

Registration deadline is set for September 30.

Through these partnerships, parishes get the option to process concrete problems effectively, jointly and efficiently. This enables them to exchange experiences and strategies and to get to know each other better.

About a relevant interest on your part we would be very happy.

For questions we are of course available at any time.

CEO Dr. Denis Coulibaly is happy to answer your questions.

Book collection project

"Learning a foreign language is a key to international understanding."

We collect German textbooks for high schools in Mali. Students want to learn German as a foreign language, but there is a lack of books in order to equip them with teaching material. Therefore we ask you for textbook donations.

If you want to help us, please contact us by phone or (e)mail.

We thank you in advance for your help.

At this point we would like to thank all those who have already donated.

Thank you very much.